About the Positive Vibes Foundation​

About the Positive Vibes Foundation

The Positive Vibes Foundation was formed in 2014 by a psychiatrist working in Castle Hill.

The charity was driven by the need to eliminate the stigma around mental health, which at the time was preventing many from seeking treatment.

While the stigma has lessened somewhat today, conversations around mental health are still vital in helping more people within the community to live healthier lives.

Through Positive Vibes’ four core programs – The Hills Women’s Shed, Paw Visits, the Young Healthy Minds Forum and Community Engagement – we are working to make deeper connections and increase the conversation around mental wellbeing.

Positive Vibes Foundation’s vision

To promote positive mental health and wellbeing in communities through connections and conversations.

Positive Vibes Foundation’s mission

  • Embrace a holistic approach to address mental illness and wellbeing at home, work and school.

  • Collaborate with like-minded organisations to drive better outcomes.

  • Spark conversations around positive mental health with individuals and groups throughout the community.

  • Use community events to raise awareness and connect people to mental health services.

Positive Vibes Foundation’s values

  • Honesty, integrity and transparency.

  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Being respectful and inclusive of all.

  • Passionate and committed to delivering on our goals.

  • Affordable and sustainable programmes.

  • Embrace innovation.

  • Approachable, positive and adaptive to the circumstances.