Library Workshops and Talks

Programmes are held at the Castle Hill Library to increase awareness for one’s mental wellbeing, these include:

  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing– Discover the many benefits of mindfulness which include improved concentration, mental clarity and self-control.
  • Mindfulness for Study– Learn how mindfulness can be used to improve your concentration, reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Mindfulness Programme – Learn mindfulness skills and techniques which cultivate heath, sharing and caring attitudes, which promote a positive interactive environment.
  • Understanding Your Teen – covering Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Abuse; and Managing School Pressures & Social Networking
  • A webinar on how pets can improve our mental health, held in March 2021.
  • Virtual seminar on Raising Resilient Children in October 2021
  • Virtual seminar on How to Support Your Child’s Wellbeing during the HSC in February 2022

Pease contact us if you would like a mental health talk at your place of work either face to face or virtual.